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Before Getting a Rabbit...

Rabbits make wonderful pets. Each rabbit has a distinct personality, just as different people or dogs or cats do. Rabbits can be trained. They can learn commands, games, and even to use a litter box.

So, you think you would like to have a rabbit? Perhaps you are planning to add a new one to the household.

As pets, rabbits are great companions who want to have fun. However, there are aspects of a rabbit's personality which are not so appealing. For instance, rabbits love to chew and have to be monitored and trained so that they do not chew on carpets, furniture and electrical wires. Some rabbits do not like to be cuddled; others are easily frightened, and may bite or run as a result.

Is your family ready for a rabbit?
Before adding any pet to your household, be sure that you and your family are ready for the financial and time responsibilities. Rabbits should NEVER be obtained on impulse.

Ask yourself some honest questions.

1 Which adults in the family will be the primary caretakers?
2 Are you prepared for a possible 10-year commitment to this rabbit?
3 Does everyone in your family want a rabbit?
4 Are you prepared to provide proper veterinary care, including the spaying and/or neutering of your rabbit, and any necessary vet visits?
5 Do you have an appropriate cage and supplies?
6 Is your home "bunny-proofed"? (cover wires, keep away poisonous plants, etc)
7 Do you have animals that could endanger the rabbit? (Rabbits can die even when only frightened by a predator.)
8 Will you be able to supervise any children around this rabbit?
9 If you move, get married, have a baby, or if the kids lose interest, are you prepared to keep your rabbit?
10 Can you adopt a rabbit from the SPCA instead of buying one?


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