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The House Rabbit

Different Breeds
Taken from the books 'The Essential Rabbit' & 'The Rabbit Handbook'

There are four different kinds of fur, or coats, on rabbits.

The long and fluffy Angora coat is often used for spinning because of its warmth. Because it is used to make clothing, the Angora coat is often referred to as "wool". The fur stands away from the rabbit's body, giving it a very fuzzy, hairy appearance.

Rex fur is shorter than standard fur and is cottony and airy to the touch. It is much thicker than standard fur, and stands upright instead of laying flat against the rabbit's body. Rex fur also has a double coat.

Satin fur has fine, somewhat translucent hairshafts which make it look silky and shiny. Satin coasts are about the same length as standard fur coats, but are distinguishable by their luster.

Standard rabbit fur is the coat that most people imagine when they think about rabbits. It comes in two layers, an overcoat and undercoat. Both layers are approximately one inch in length. The undercoat is soft and insulates the rabbit against cold temperatures.

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