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The House Rabbit

What Are Cecal Pellets?
extracted from House Rabbit Society website

It's a special food made by bunny, just for bunny. They are partially digested foods that are passed from the bunny and then reingested. You may not see bunny do this, but when she appears to be bathing her belly and she comes up chewing, she's probably just taken up a cecal pellet.

It is from these cecal pellets that a rabbit gets the majority of her nutrition, not from the first passage of food through the gut.

Cecals are usually soft, stink like the dickens, and are stuck together in clumps with a mucous coating.

Cecals are sometimes called "night droppings" or "night pellets," possibly because you may see your rabbit reach for the cecals at night, a few hours after her evening meal.

Cecal pellets A clump of cecals with some regular droppings stuck to it. Notice the difference between the dark small soft shiny cecals and the fibrous, round pellet?


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