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The House Rabbit

How to Trance Your Rabbit
extracted from the Chicago House Rabbit Society website

Many people are surprised to see a bunny in the position shown in the photograph. However, with practice, most rabbit owners can get their own bunnies to go in a trance. This can be extremely useful when : (1) Trimming Nails (2) Assessing your rabbit’s health (3) Visiting your veterinarian (4) Bonding with your rabbit.

There are two approaches -- some bunnies prefer lying flat perpendicular to the floor and others prefer to be on an angle (requiring you to bend your knees). Take it slowly. It is recommended that you do this on the floor to lesson the possibility of injury from a fall if your bunny jumps free of your hold.

First, see how your bunny reacts to being placed on his/her back. This may take practice -- consider it a success if they stay still for only a few seconds before wiggling free. Practice this several times a day. Get your bunny used to being handled. Once they are still, try removing your hands from holding them. Again, this may only be for a few seconds in the beginning.

Next, gently touch their paws so that they continue to relax and not tense up. Speak gently and slowly to reassure them. Stroke their heads and ears. Some owners place a small towel over their bunnies eyes so they remain calm if they get too agitated during their beginning "trance" sessions. You want your bunny to reach a level of total relaxation -- eyes normally close during this relaxation period. Good luck!


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