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Support HRSS
Purchase Busy Bunny Toys!
HRSS now has a wide selection of our favourite Busy Bunny chewable toys as well as healthy and natural Oxbow treats for sale as part of our merchandize range.

When you purchase these items from us, your dollars spent go directly to:

  • HRSS Foster Rabbits
  • Support and improve quality of life of our foster rabbits, while they await a new lease of life in permanent loving homes, made possible by our comprehensive adoption programme. Every rescued rabbit is spayed or neutered, receives individual care including toys, medical care, healthy food and treats, and lots of love.

  • Education & Rescue Initiatives
  • Without funding and sponsorship, our avenues for education - such as this website, our schools program, and awareness posters - would be eliminated. Because HRSS receives no government support, nor do we accept advertising dollars, we count on your generosity to keep our programs alive.

    Shop & Save Lives!

    All proceeds from the online sales go towards HRSS' work in rabbit welfare and awareness. Make your bunny at home happy with a new toy or treat, and help save more bunny lives!

    How To Place An Order

    Order Form
    Please download our official HRSS Busy Bunny Order Form and fill in the relevant fields. Send the completed form as an attachment to our volunteer Jacelyn at jacelyn@hrss.net. She will be in contact shortly with further information via email.

    Terms & Conditions:

  • Items are subject to availability. There may be a waiting period for stock to be replenished.
  • If you do not see a particular item you are after from Busy Bunny or Oxbow, please email and inquire. We will try to attend to all requests.
  • HRSS will send smaller items via mail to the mailing address specified. Larger items would require a meet-up with one of our volunteers.
  • A meet-up may be arranged for the following large sized items:

    - Jumbo Willow Ball
    - Unpeeled Willow Square Cube
    - Empty Basket With Handles
    - Empty Willow Bowl
    - Maze and Cottage
    - Willow Tunnel

    Our HRSS volunteers will advice you on the nearest location where you will be able to collect the items.
  • If you need more information about HRSS or on how to make a donation, please send an email to information@hrss.net. One of our volunteers will get in touch with you shortly.


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