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Calling for Contributors

Write for The Bunny Thymes!

Have you
- had unusual experiences with your rabbit?
- solved a problem?
- rescued or fostered a rabbit?
- learnt a lesson from your bunny?
- made interesting observations about your bunny’s behaviour?
- encountered a bunny health problem?

Share your experience as a bunny parent. Contribute an article, poetry or essay to The Bunny Thymes. The Bunny Thymes is a quarterly newsletter publication for members of The House Rabbit Society (Singapore).

If you would like to be a contributor, here are the guidelines to submitting articles.

1. All work must be original

2. Word count
Articles: 850-2000 words
Poetry/essays: 300-500 words

3. File format
Microsoft Word

4. Graphics
Any article over 850 words must have accompanying photos. Illustrations (original, not clip art) can be used instead of photos.

5. Where to send
All email submissions should be sent to editor@hrss.net

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