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We at the HRSS owe our success to our volunteers, and to the generosity of individual donors and corporate sponsors who support our work.

We would immediately cease functioning without our volunteers, who without pay and who despite other commitments, put many hours into educational and awareness work. Equally important are our donors who support us financially. Because HRSS receives no government support or advertising dollars, we count on your generosity to keep our programs alive.

How Your Donations are Used

Rabbit Rescue & Rehoming
The primary purpose of HRSS is to rescue and foster homeless rabbits, which means that the largest portion of membership contributions and other donations goes to our fostering program.

On average, HRSS spends about $200 on every fostered rabbit. Food and veterinary care comprise large amounts of fostering expenses. Although our veterinarians are generous with their discounts, our volume adds up. All rabbits who come through our doors are spayed or neutered, and any physical problems are treated.

HRSS does far more than gathering abandoned rabbits. We also take the responsibility of finding a new home for our rabbits. All our volunteers are reimbursed for expenses incurred in rehoming rabbits. While the overhead costs for running HRSS are low, we do still need to purchase basic items like computer equipment, paper, office supplies, and postage.

Education is very important because it helps reduce the number of abandoned rabbits who need to be rescued, and it improves the quality of life for the ones in permanent homes. The aim here is to educate people sufficiently so that fewer rabbits will be abandoned, and fewer will need to be rescued. Helping people understand their rabbits' behaviour and solve problems that might cause them to relinquish their rabbits is how education saves lives. The second part of our education program is to help our conscientious members, who cherish their animals and want to keep them happy and healthy for as many years as possible.

Our education program includes mailing printed educational material to individuals and presenting slides, videos, flipcharts and handouts to groups of people, especially children (link to school talks). It also includes printing and mailing our quarterly newsletter, and the maintenance of this website.

How to Make a Donation

If you wish a make a donation, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  1. By Credit Card or Paypal by clicking on the "Make a Donation" button below (kindly note that donation via Paypal is in US Dollars), or
  2. Send a cheque or postal order made out to:

       House Rabbit Society (Singapore)

       and mail it to

       Toa Payoh Central Post Office
       PO Box 108
       Singapore 913104

    Please remember to include your full name and email address.

If you need more information about HRSS or on how to make a donation, please send an email to information@hrss.net. One of our volunteers will get in touch with you shortly.


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