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Rabbit Rescue & Rehoming
Every year, hundreds of pets are abandoned by their owners. Where do they go? How do they end up? What becomes of a cute cuddly creature after it's left to fend for itself?

Late last year, Angie Lai, a real estate agent (and now a HRSS volunteer), decided to picnic with her dog at Lower Pierce Reservoir. Almost immediately after reaching their favourite spot, three men in their fifties passed by and told her that they had just seen three rabbits roaming freely farther up. All thoughts of a cosy little picnic fled from Angie's mind.

She recalls, "I was quite upset to hear of yet another case of rabbit abandonment. My immediate reaction was to find them before they wandered farther away into the forest. I wanted to save them. I couldn't bear the thought of them fending for themselves and living in fear. These are domesticated rabbits - it's impossible for them to survive out in the wild."

With the help of the park attendant, Angie managed to recover all three rabbits. Even though they appeared to be in good condition (Angie guesses that they were abandoned only that very morning), she brought them to the vet immediately to make sure they did not have any communicable diseases before bringing them home. She later put them up for adoption on the HRSS forums.

Angie's rescue of the rabbits that fateful day is not an isolated case. Every year, over 1000 rabbits are dumped at SPCA. Unfortunately, most have to be euthanised because of limited accommodation space.

Many more rabbits are abandoned to die in parks, HDB void decks and even car parks. People don't realise that domestic rabbits can't survive in the open. They quickly become food for everything from cats and dogs to crows. And the "lucky" ones who don't get eaten, get run over by cars or die from hunger or heat.

To rescue and re-home these abandoned rabbits, HRSS runs a structured fostering programme. HRSS rescued rabbits are kept at the homes of HRSS volunteers until they are adopted. Every rescued rabbit is spayed or neutered, receives individual care including toys, medical care, healthy food and treats, and lots of love. HRSS also works closely with SPCA to publicise bunnies in SPCA's care.

The following articles discuss our adoption procedures and what to do if you find a stray rabbit. And if you are planning to get a rabbit, please consider ADOPTING a rabbit from us instead of buying one from a breeder or a pet store.

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