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HRSS Activities

HRSS’ Very Own Event- Yours For Life!
By Janice Lim & Iryn Tan

On 7th March 2004, many rabbit lovers gathered at the Youth Park for HRSS’ very own event- Yours For Life. Organised independently by HRSS, this event was an adoption drive cum jumble sale and its purpose was to encourage adoption of rabbits in foster care and to raise funds for this cause.

There were a total of four segments: the education booth, the adoptions corner, the merchandise booth and the jumble sale.

Bunnies were also played up in the faces of a group of P2 students when Mrs Chung and her assistant turned the gamely little faces into animated bunnies. We admired their boundless zeal as they zipped around the school to help us spread the message.

The students, who visited our booth, also took part in a Rabbity Quiz, designed by Janice Lim, our Education Officer. They all eagerly gathered in front of our two banners to digest the information and jotted the answers away. The winners were announced at the end of the day. In this way, we hope the kids learnt something new and responsibility for animals.

The education booth was set up too to provide bunny parents with information on rabbit care. Bunny parents helped themselves to articles on rabbit care, behaviour and health. Questions were answered and pictures were used to show how rabbits should be properly cared for. Even fresh yummy veges were on display to show the various types of fresh vegetables suitable for rabbits. Healthy poo and unhealthy poo were displayed in containers- its aim being to educate inexperienced bunny parents the sort of poo they had to look out for and when to consider bunny’s health an emergency. Various types of hay were on display too. Bunny parents were encouraged to give their bunnies unlimited hay. Some bunny parents, however, explained that their bunnies dislike eating hay. They were asked to try a variety of grass hay before discovering one that their bunnies like. (Rabbits fed on a high-pellet diet may not take to hay. A low protein, high fibre diet with plenty of hay is ideal.)

The merchandise booth did extremely well. T-shirts, bookmarks and rabbit toys imported from the USA were snapped up in no time by eager bunny parents. There were also rabbit fridge magnets, stuffed toy rabbit key chains and cushion rabbit pens! The book Rabbit Health in the 21st Century – A Guide for Bunny Parents* was sold too. Bunny parents who have bought the book gave it extremely good reviews. All funds raised help provide food and supplies for our foster rabbits & cover sterilisation costs.

The jumble sale booth was indeed ‘jumbled up’! Almost anything you think of could be found at the jumble sale- from a $5 Discman to a $1 men’s shirt! They were all
going at unbelievably cheap prices. HRSS thanks all who donated the items and the volunteers who mended the booth.

Our volunteer bunny groomers had their hands busy the entire morning as furry babies waited their turn to get a cool cut or a “manicure”. It was quite a sight!

Last but not least, the adoption drive was a success! A total of six rabbits were adopted. All potential owners were screened to make sure they were right for Bunny. Adopters who hadn’t had much experience in caring for house rabbits had their questions answered and were given bunny care tips. More potential adopters came forward and left us their contacts. Hopefully, more bunnies will be adopted out after the exposure they’ve received. So if you are thinking of getting an addition to your family, Adopt Don’t Buy!

The day started with a bang and ended on a high note. We returned home tired but satisfied and happy.

* To purchase the book Rabbit Health in the 21st Century – A Guide for Bunny Parents, contact us at information@hrss.net.


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