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Yours for life 2006 (8th April 2006)
By Teo Hwee Cheng

It was a glorious morning on the 8th April for all of us because once again, our annual event, Yours for Life
2006, has arrived! Our event was held at the Youth Park and attracted both the young and the old.

Eagerly awaited by many, the crowd came in early and continued to pour in despite the rain. Our merchandise booth was constantly crowded with bunny owners as they wowed over our wide selection of goodies they could spoil their darlings with. The groomers had their hands full, transforming bunnies into sweet looking princesses and princes! Not forgetting the endless sharing of grooming
tips that we can practice at home!

HRSS also held a colouring contest with participating primary schools in Singapore and it was greeted with such warm reception that we will certainly consider doing it again. The children came with their parents, submitted their proud entries and waited in anticipation for the results. Of course, the limelight of the event was our bunnies up for adoption. Every one of them charmed the hearts of many with their cute disposition and charisma. Most importantly of all, they provided the chance for people to see what it takes to have a rabbit in our lives and how they can be man’s best friend as well.

Our volunteers certainly did their best for our bunny friends as they went out wholeheartedly not only to raise funds, but to educate people on responsible rabbit ownership as well. This certainly is extremely important
as we have over 1,000 rabbits abandoned in Singapore every year. Some are left in parks, construction sites or public areas where they are expected to fend for themselves. Many of these bunnies are either left to die from hunger or attacked by cats or dogs. As our pet rabbits have been domesticated, they do not have the skills to survive on their own and many die a horrible death when they are abandoned. Surely in a gracious society where its citizens lead affluent lives, we can all take some consideration in the lives of these furry friends whom we share our homes with.

Nonetheless, despite the numerous cases of rabbit abandonment occurring locally, there are many who put their hearts out to these sweet natured rabbits when
they understand their predicament. Some have seriously taken into consideration the possibility of adoption or donated generously to HRSS to help in the betterment of rabbits’ lives.

Looking back, this has truly been a meaningful event for
us and our bunnies! We thank all who have participated in helping to make this event successful and for all rabbit lovers out there, do browse around our website for more Singapore rabbit news and find out how you can help HRSS in its cause. Cheers to Yours for Life ’06!


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