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House Rabbit Society (Singapore)

Topic: Common Rabbit Ailments and Grooming
Date: 12 December 2004, Sunday
Time: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Venue: A tranquil classroom in the heart of Holland Village

HRSS aims to stretch its education arm to provide help and advice to as many rabbit parents as possible. Even though there are many avenues which rabbit parents can reach us BUT we feel the best opportunity to have your queries answered is Vis-à-vis!

Finally, HRSS is proud to present OUR VERY FIRST WORKSHOP to get the direct answers to questions you’ve always had on your mind.

Starting with rabbit ailments, HRSS aims to prepare rabbit parents with the basic health knowledge. This will make sure that we are prepared if our rabbits become ill.

Our guest speaker is Veterinary Surgeon – Dr. Cathy Chan.
Dr Chan practices at the Bishan Park Veterinary Clinic. She will share with us the cause & cure / prevention of COMMON RABBIT ILLNESSES like Gastrointestinal (GI) ailments, infections, mites & parasites and more. There will be advice on the sterilization, its advantages and the risks involved. It is also THE opportunity to have your questions addressed directly by the professional.

Rabbit grooming is an important responsibility as a rabbit parent. Though rabbits are meticulous grooming talents but they need our help to trim down their nails and brush areas out of their reach. All of these, and more, are to prevent health problems which may surface if grooming is neglected. There will be hands-on demonstrations by our experienced volunteers who will offer lots of helpful tips.

HRSS sees the workshop as a RELAX but INTERACTIVE session for rabbit parents and the professionals to exchange information. All rabbit enthusiasts are welcomed; but sorry…our furry friends have to stay at home.

Please email to adeline@hrss.net with your name and contact number for registration. We will be in touch with venue and payment details.

Friends of HRSS - $25
Non-FHRSS - $30
Sign up with a partner for $50

There will be attractive door gifts waiting for you!

Registration closes on 10 December 2004. SEE YA THERE!!

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