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Date: Friday 21st January 2005 Hari Raya Haji Holiday
Time: 1000 hours
Mission: Spring-cleaning in time for Chinese New Year
Location: Chao Yang Special School Residence

On a sunny, windy glorious morning, a group of volunteers from HRSS made their way down to meet the 25 special residents at ChaoYang to spread some early Chinese New Year festivity (and to help with a little décor work!).

Our little rabbit friends were first relocated to playpens as volunteers flexed their muscles and started to move the furniture out of their enclosure. Their home was given a good spray and wash and a total spring clean.

Meanwhile, our groomers got busy and the rabbits were treated to world-class massages, hugs, health-checks, manicure and pedicure – it’s grooming time!

In the process, the bunnies must have started to feel alarmed at the sight of their belongings being taken out of their enclosure one after another, so the appointed watchdogs stood on their hind-legs and watched the volunteers worriedly, much to the volunteers’ amusement.

A wonderful salad of fresh vegetables, hay and rosey apple slices awaited them after their pampering. At last around 3:00pm, the finishing touches to the new-look enclosure were put together, complete with a new shade cloth and a little bungalow with a private garden for bunny Floppy, who has just re-joined the big family. The King and Queen of Chao Yang’s Residence took their place to survey their home and gave us the nod of approval.

It’s hard to tell at the end of the day, which ones of us looked happier – the rabbits in their sparkling clean, spacious enclosure, or the tired volunteers who watched on as the rabbits frolicked, flopped down lazily for an afternoon nap, or hopped up and down on steps made of bricks and explored every inch of their home’s décor.

Volunteers who would like to help out in activities such as this or rabbit rescue work can email teeny@hrss.net for more information.


Chao Yang Before 21st Jan

Temporary holding place

Volunteers at work

Feast time!

Home Sweet Home

Interested *viewing* buyers of the new bunny home!

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