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HRSS In The News
Year 2002 News Archive
Apathetic Youths? The key lies in engaging them
The Straits Times, 12 Dec 2002
Insight: Apathetic Youths? Not If There's Interest and Conviction
The Straits Times, 7 Dec 2002
Pets Stroll Fest 2002
Tuesday , 12 Nov 2002
Excuse Me! You've Left Your Bunny Behind
Singapore One , 23 Oct 2002
Walking the Pets
The Sunday Times, 6 Oct 2002
Fewer Rejected Animals Taken in by SPCA
The Straits Times, 30 Sep 2002
American Ex-Pets Pushing Out Locals
The Sunday Times, 29 Sep 2002
Scores of Animals Still being Dumped
The Sunday Times, 29 Sep 2002
International Rabbit Day 2002
Wednesday, 18 Sep 2002
How Much is that Doggie in the Window?
Contact, A community newspaper of the South East District, Aug 2002 issue
Animal Lovers Bite Back
The Straits Times, 14 Jul 2002
Abandoned Pets: Tracking Down the Culprits
The Straits Times, 14 Jul 2002
More Rabbits being Given Up or Abandoned
The Straits Times, 11 Jul 2002
Cute, Furry and Thrown Out
Streats, 11 Jul 2002
Adopt a Pet at Parkway Parade
The Straits Times, 6 Jul 2002
Sunday is Adopt-Pets Day
Today, 6 Jul 2002
Rabbit Society Promotes Responsible Pet Ownership
Press Release, 5 Jun 2002
50 Pets Wait for Deserving Owners
Streats, 3 Jun 2002
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Letter to The New Paper
We had written a letter to The New Paper to express our opposition to the rearing of rabbits for fur. This was in response to an article published in this newspaper on 15 Sep 2002.
Letter to The New Paper
by Animal Watch, 16 Sep 2002
Animal Abusers to Face Heavier Penalties
The Straits Times, 9 Jul 2002
It's Not Easy To Punish Owners Who Abandon Pets
The Newpaper, 8 Feb 2002
Dumped... during spring-cleaning
The Newpaper, 7 Feb 2002


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