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2010 - 2011

HRSS & SPCA is working together on the Joint effort to urge Public NOT TO BUY RABBIT ON IMPULSE just because it's the Year of the Rabbit. Please help the rabbits spread the words too!

Below are the media coverages:

10 Feb 11

Today - It's not just about animal hoarding ...

2 Feb 11

zbCOMMA - ??“?”??“??”...... ???????

31 Jan 11

The Straits Times - No hop in sales of Bunnies

30 Jan 11

The New Paper - Will Year of the Rabbit mean more abandoned bunnies?

Reader's Digest - four ways of looking at a rabbit

29 Jan 11

City News Weekly - Mind the Rabbit (This story first appeared in City News Weekly)

28 Jan 11

A joint press release with US House Rabbit Society - Urge people not to buy rabbits for Lunar Year of the Rabbit

Todayonline forum - Too small for bunnies' comfort

27 Jan 11

Another joint efforts with SPCA - Dont buy rabbit on impulse poster

26 Jan 11

ST RazorTV - 3 Parts (Save rabbits campaign)
- Rabbit abandoned in church
- Why rabbits make terrible pets (for children)
- Rabbit can't be bathed!

AFPBB (Japanese) - ????????????????????

35 Jan 11

Channel News Asia - Pet bunnies in peril as Year of the Rabbit nears

24 Jan 11

Agence France-Presse (AFP) - Pet bunnies in peril as Year of the Rabbit nears

21 Jan 11

Letter to AVA - Appeal to stop the contests organised by Pets Village and assistance in improving the situation of The World Rabbit Exhibition at Harbourfront Centre

Today Forum - Dressing, racing rabbits is abuse

20 Jan 11

ST RazorTV - Rabbit meat for Rabbit year (Ground Zero Pt 2)

20 Jan 11

ST Forum & ST Stomp - HRSS responses to rabbit meat (unpublished)

17 Jan 11

Online blog, Let's look at it this way - Don't buy rabbit in the Year of the rabbit

15 Jan 11

ST STOMP - Animal shelter: Pet store's rabbit races and dress-up contests are animal abuse

15 Jan 11

ST Forum - Why rabbit meat should be banned

13 Jan 11

Thanh Nian (Vietnam) - N?i ni?m n?m th?

14 Jan 11

ST STOMP - Serving rabbit meat to usher in Year of the Rabbit is distasteful

13 Jan 11

NTUC Lifestyle - Rabbit is for Life

11 Jan 11

ST STOMP - Save a bunny! Please don't buy one just because it is the year of rabbit

6 Jan 11

Newsradio 938live - Don't get a rabbit on impulse this CNY


23 - 24 Dec 10

Pure Classical Feng Shui - Public Message from SPCA & HRSS

The Straits Times - Don't usher in Year of the (dumped) Rabbits

Mypaper - Pet shops predict rabbit craze


13 Dec 10

Todayonline - HRSS' reply - Rabbits need lifelong care


19 Dec 10

The Sunday Times Forum - HRSS' reply - Rabbits not suitable pets for kids

5 Dec 10

The Sunday Times Forum - Want a Rabbit Year pet? Be sure you can be a good owner

10 Dec 10

Petschannel.com - Not to buy pet rabbits as the Year of the Rabbit approaches

Shin Min Daily ???? - Joint reply from HRSS & SPCA (unpublished)


8 Dec 10

Shin Min Daily ???? ? ????????????

Wanbao Daily ???? ? ???? SPCA ??? ??????

Todayonline - Don't buy bunnies on impulse: SPCA

Channelnewsasia.com - Don't buy bunnies on impulse


7 Dec 10

Asiaone.com - Don't buy a bunny for auspicious reasons: SPCA

Petsmagazine.com - PLEASE DON’T BUY A BUNNY!

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