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HRSS In The News


Help spread this video message to not buy pet rabbits on impulse this Year of the Rabbit. Like, Link and Post this video link on your FB news feed, and help our furry friends this Chinese New Year.

This message is from HRSS House Rabbit Society of Singapore, Teeny's Tips and BananaMana

Here is the link: Help Save Rabbits this Chinese New Year

In case, you aren't sure how to link to their FB news feed, here is a step-by-step:

Step 1) In your FB share bar, click on the link option (it's number 3 out of the 4 choices)

Step 2) Copy and paste the link above into the link drop down (url blank space), then hit attach button

Step 3) Type a short CTA (call to action) in the "say something about this link" (ie: Pls, help save rabbits this CNY, watch this vid and share etc., or Pls this video message needs your help to circulate this CNY) Getting the Like, Link and Repost will help with the distribution. Then hit the Share button.

Step 4) If people "like" or comment, please engage them. Thank them for liking the video or start a conversation about why our furry friends need us this year more than ever, then ask for them to repost or link. This will keep the video fresh and ontop of the new feeds.

Maybe together, we can keep this video going throughout now until after CNY celebrations. At least lets rally up people to do their best.

Enjoy and Thank you!


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