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Update - Our Resilient Bubbles
20 April 2008

After 3 weeks of loving care at the vet clinic, Bubbles is now on his road to full recovery. He has blossomed from a weak and sad rabbit to a bubbly, happy & active young rabbit. He's currently doing well at his foster home and we hope he'll make a full recovery from his scabies

Our Resilient Bubbles
23 March 2008

HRSS received an email from Ms W on 26 Feb 2008, requesting for our help.

An extract from his email read as follows;

"Two days ago I found a rabbit at a temple. It was very hungry and was eating decayed leaves. As it was late at night, I got my parents to report it to the temple's office staff and the office staff then carried the rabbit to an enclosed pickup. The rabbit has been there since. The rabbit seems to have been abandoned by its irresponsible pet owner. The rabbit, according to the staff seems to be injured. It is white in colour and has red eyes. Its ears are a little tattered and its rear seems filthy. Fur from its feet has been gone and it keeps licking itself. However I cant find any injuries. "

Please help the rabbit. I hope to hear from you asap."

We gave the rescuer and the temple a call soon after, and we managed to persuade the temple to take care of the rabbit for a while longer as we sourced around for available foster homes.

The rabbit was picked up the following Sunday, 1 March 2008. The male rabbit, a white local albino, was in a terrible condition. It was obvious he was suffering from a bad case of scabies, his feet were reddish, covered with sores and his nails were long. He also suffered from malnourishment judging from the fact that he was all skin and bones when found. It was a painful sight. The rabbit was rushed to Dr Cathy Chan at The Animal Doctors where she confirmed that he was suffering from scabies and serious sore hocks.

The first thing course of treatment was to cure him of scabies before we can work on his sore hocks. The rabbit, whom we named Bubbles, is receiving much deserved medical care at the clinic right now.

Now, Bubbles is on the road of recovery from scabies and sore hocks. We are desperately seeking a foster home for Bubbles, a sweet and charming little bunny. If you have the heart and place for him, please contact us at help@hrss.net.

Thank you!



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