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Update - Our Courageous Cutie
2 Aug 2008

Dr Cathy Chan from The Animal Doctor

"Basically, Cutie has a joint infection which appears to be worsening. We have added extra antibiotics into her treatment in the hope that it will penetrate the infection. Her fracture on the toe has  healed well. I dont know the origins of the infection as at the initial stage there was no penetrating wound. however, the infection has found it way out and she has a small wound draining the pus at the moment. given that the infection has not ascended the leg, medical therapy is still warranted. As the last resort is leg amputation, we are trying out best to help her with medical therapy before going to the last resort."

Our Courageous Cutie
9 June 2008

A school is supposed to be a place where one gets an education and learn good morals. However, my ex-owner thought that a school would be a good place to dump me, so one day, I found myself being left behind in a school.

I was left in a bird cage inside this Secondary School which puzzled me. What did I do wrong? I was scared and hungry. There was some food left over from the dead bird inside the cage which I ate hungrily. But the wire flooring hurt a lot as it cut into my four paws. A few students took pity on me and tried to make me feel more comfortable by getting me food and water. But they are only students and there was only so much they could do. I yearned for someone who could take me away to a good home…

My dream came true when a volunteer from HRSS picked me up on 30 May 08.

Cutie, as we named her, was suffering from severe fur and ear mites as well as a swollen broken back leg which we suspect was broken by the perch in the cage. She’s currently recuperating at The Animal Doctors. If you would like to make a donation to help us cover Cutie’s medical and hospitalization fees, please write to us at betty@hrss.net.

We thank you for your help in advance.

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