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Update on Loudy & Softy

5 December 2010

Loudy & Softy have fully recovered scabies after 6 weeks of revolution treatments. The lovable girls are sterilised and litter-trained too. They are yearned for a permanent forever home. Can you give them one?

Loudy Softy  

Loudy & Softy

Loudy & Softy

Loudy & Softy


HRSS Recent Rescues - Appeal for Loudy & Softy

12 October 2010

By Anderson Tan

Last Sunday, a friend called me to inform that while on her morning walk to Pasir ris along Sungel Api Api, she had chanced upon a rabbit whom had actually hopped out to ‘greet’ her! She attempted to catch it with no success. She met another passerby was told that there had been 2 rabbits spotted since Friday morning.

Armed with a rabbit basket and a bag of carrots, Elin, Jacelyn and myself headed out to the reported location at about 5.20pm. We walked along the pavement with one side being the jungle and the opposite side was the river bank of Sungei Api Api. It was low tide. As we walked along, Elin chanced upon a spot and decided to stand there to peer harder. She then pointed out that she spotted one white/grey rabbit nestled in the over covered grounds. We were so excited and jumped right into the area only to find out that the place we were standing on was infested with red ants. What a painful affair but Jacelyn and myself went right in despite the uncertainty of how the grounds were.

Loudy n Softy

Seeing it sitting and not moving, we were fearful that it was dead. We were merely three feet away and it was not even twitching! We feared for the worst. Jacelyn suggested that irregardless, we should still bring it back for cremation. I moved nearer to attempt to pick up the ‘carcass’ when the ears moved forward and the rabbit (known as Loudy) started to move. We were ecstatic that it was still alive. This prompted me to move even nearer to attempt to capture it. But Loudy was on high alert and started to hop under the bushes to attempt to get away. What followed next was a crazy 20 mins moving along the ravine and river bank to surround it.

Loudy n Softy

In the midst of trying to surround Loudy, another black rabbit was spotted nestle at a tree truck. With my heart racing, as the black one was more meek and less on high alert, I proceeded to capture it. Jacelyn on one end and me from another end, we managed to chase it in the direction of Jacelyn and she successfully caught it.

Loudy n Softy

Elin who was clad in slippers was standing guard over Loudy as she was not equipped in the right footwear to venture onto the river bank. She was keeping an eye on Loudy’s movement so that once having deposited the black rabbit (now known as Softy) we could continue to concentrate on capturing Loudy.

Loudy was a very elusive rabbit. She practically had us climbing the river bank on both sides so that we could come around her in a circle. She was a smart gal, she went to hide under a massive over hanging branch of weeds that had overgrown. We could not get to her as that particular mess of overhanging leaves had loads of red ants. It was too low for us to squeeze our way in. I had to call up to Elin to get a stick and start poking the weeds so as to make them rustle. Hoping that with this, it will push Loudly out of her perfect hiding place. Once I managed to reach her, barely touching her body and she hopped away. It happened to Jacelyn too. What a bummer!

There were times when she was just 2 feet away from me but I was stuck between a Y shaped tree, no way I will be able to reach her. There was also another occasion when I was trying to inch my way to her, barely getting my footing on the rotting stumps of broken tree trucks. It was a frustrating moment as I had to attempt to catch Loudy while struggling to stay balanced on the uneven grounds.

Our unsuccessful attempts started to attract some attention from the many joggers who went past us , they starred and were probably wondering what were these 3 ladies up to. Some even stopped by to watch the spectacle but none offered to help!

Jacelyn suggested that we cool off for a while to get Loudy to relax. True enough, Loudy went onto a relaxed pose. I was slowly creeping up onto her. Jacelyn in the background chanting: Catch her! Catch her! Two feet away, one foot away, I was thinking, I really got to grab her and if it warrants me to pounce on her like a rugby ball, I will just do that! The sky is starting to get dark and any delay and we will have trouble seeing ourselves. I made a last desperate grab and finally, I got her! She screamed so loudly that I got a shock of my life. That was the first time I am hearing a rabbit scream! You mean they were capable of screaming?!?!?!

Jacelyn immediately took over and cuddled her to assure and calm the poor terrified girl. I, on the other hand, drenched in sweat, covered in dirt from the overhanging swampy trees and mud on my shoes, was just feeling glad and relieved the operation is over!

We walked back to my van and proceeded to book an appointment with the vet for general health check. All was well as they were of good weight and not malnourished with good teeth. Both were pronounced as females. The only biggest issue was that they had scabies. Their noses, ears were all crusty. We expect them to make a speedy recovery in weeks to come and we can’t wait to see their pretty adorable little faces then!

Loudy n Softy Loudy n Softy

P.S: I guess whoever the irresponsible owner was, did not know that a simple application of revolution would be able to rid the scabies over a period of time, but instead chose to abandon them in the park. He/she did not think that there were monitor lizards in the area, other animals that would prey on them. And to add on, these rabbits are already domesticated, making them impossible to be able to survive in the wild.

HRSS is seeking generous contributions to help us defray the medical and boarding fees of these 2 girls and foster home to care for them after their 3 weeks of recovery at the vet. The girls will be boarded with our vet for their recovery. As they’re suffering from scabies, they could not be housed in any of our foster homes, to avoid the spread of scabies to our other rescued rabbits.

If you would like to help HRSS, you may do so in the following ways :

1. Donation:

Please make cheque payable to House Rabbit Society (Singapore) and mail it to HRSS, Toa Payoh Central Post Office, PO Box 108, Singapore 913104.

Funds Transfer
Bank Name: OCBC Bank / Branch Code: 7339/ 611 (Toa Payoh Central branch) Account Number: 611-322-363-001

Please click on the “Make a donation by Paypal” icon on the bottom of our website

Please send an email to betty@hrss.net Subject: “For Loudy & Softy's Treatment Appeal” to advise the mode of payment so that we can look out for it.

2. Foster Home:

Fosterers need to be able to foster for at least 3-6 months, preferably with no resident rabbits at home. Scabies is non-transferrable to human but it's contigious to rabbits. Foster parent needs to have space for a minimum 6 piece playpen housing setup. Please consult your family and household members prior to contacting us. Things to expect: Twice feedings daily, daily cleaning of litterbox (as these girls are not sterilized and littertrained yet, foster parent must be prepared for possible pee and poo outside of the litterbox). Litter-training will be guided by our fostering offficer.

Please contact us at betty@hrss.net if you are able to foster these 2 girls.

Thank you.


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