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The Three Musketeers - A Tale of A Gallant Rescue
By Daphne Aw

HRSS went to comb a location, known in the past for rabbit abandonment, in the evening of Saturday 27th March 2010, in search of abandoned rabbits, after receiving an urgent email from a concerned member of the public that she and a friend spotted a family of rabbits, who have made a temporary home there, including what appears to be young baby rabbits.

She related to HRSS that they approached the rabbits and realized that they were very hungry. Fortunately, they were able to purchase some vegetables to feed them. One of the adult rabbits suffered from skin problems and even had ants crawling on its body. The kind lady has taken this adult rabbit in under her care but she required assistance in trying to rescue the other rabbits there.

As it turned out, there were many more others when the HRSS team was there. The rescue team got busy with creative ways of luring the lost rabbits to the safety of playpens and carriers.

The anxious team also proceeded to scout around for any other abandoned bunnies, as HRSS did not want to leave any of their friends behind. The white young rabbits that the lady had spotted did not show up that day.

All in all, the entire rescue took slightly more than 3 hours, as the sun was going down. In the end, three lovely brown rabbits (two beaus, Darwin and Hurley, and a belle, Juarez) were successfully rescued and they are now safely recuperating in a temporary, loving shelter.

Upon careful scrutiny by the volunteers, it appears that all three rabbits have bite marks, wounds and cuts all over their bodies. The injuries on the two male rabbits are more severe and they will all need medical attention. Hurley has pus oozing out of one of his wounds. They are scheduled to see the vet this Wednesday for an overall check-up. Juarez is facing emergency spaying and the team has great fears she is already pregnant with kits.


16-April-10 - Darwin and Hurley were sterilized on the Wednesday 7th April as the vet was concerned about the abscesses on their right hind legs. The abscesses had to be cut and removed so she suggested sterilization to be performed at the same time.

The boys are now taken care of by a foster parent as their wounds need to be monitor daily.

If you would like to help HRSS by contributing to The Three Musketeers' sterilization, medical expenses and monthly maintenance while they are in foster homes, please do assist us in the following ways:

  • Cheque
  • Please make the cheque payable to "House Rabbit Society (Singapore)" and mail it to:

    House Rabbit Society Singapore
    Toa Payoh Central Post Office
    PO Box 108
    Singapore 913104.

  • Funds Transfer
  • Bank Name: OCBC Bank
    Branch Code: 7339/611 (Toa Payoh Central branch)

    Account Number: 611-322-363-001

  • Paypal
  • Please click on the "Make a donation by Paypal" icon on the bottom of our website.

    Please send an email to jacelyn@hrss.net with the subject "The Three Musketeers" to advise your assistance so that we can look out for it.

    A heartfelt "thank you" on behalf of these rabbits goes to you and we appreciate any assistance we can have.


    Abandoning a rabbit or "setting it free" to the wild is a death sentence. It is a misconception that rabbits are able to survive and thrive well in areas where there is ample grass or in large grassy fields. Domesticated pet rabbits have lost their natural instincts to survive on their own.

    A RABBIT IS FOR LIFE. Rabbits should NEVER be obtained on impulse or as gifts for children or friends. Unfortunately, animal shelters and rescue organizations rarely have openings for animals given up after their owners have lost interest or they no longer have no time for them. There are a very limited number of people willing to foster rabbits. Sadly, there are always a lot more people wanting to give up their rabbits than people who want to adopt one.

    Relinquishing your rabbit through abandonment is also a poor lesson for children about assuming and following through on responsibility. Surely they deserve a better role model.

    When surrendering a pet to a shelter, do visit this link and consider the points.

    Animal abandonment is a crime and punishable by law in Singapore.

    Please be responsible and we can all help put a stop to the suffering abandoned rabbits like The Three Musketeers have endured.

    If you are no longer able to take care of your rabbits, consider the following options instead of choosing abandonment:

    - Place an ad in a newspaper's pet section. Be sure to screen any potential adopters to ensure the rabbit is going to a safe home.

    - Place flyers with the rabbit's picture at veterinarian's offices, pet supply stores and on other community bulletin boards that feature pets up for adoption.

    - Ask your friends and family for help

    If you are interested to adopt our rabbits and give them a Home for Life, please visit our adoption gallery or contact us.





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