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HRSS Special Appeal
22 Mar 2007

HRSS received an urgent email from a rabbit owner seeking financial help to sterilize her rabbits. In her email, she mentioned that people started dumping their unwanted rabbits into her house after knowing that she’s keeping cats as well.

It started off with 1 unsterilised male, and subsequently, other intact females were dumped and they started breeding until the population hit 10 rabbits. As there’re also cats in her place, some of the young baby bunnies were attacked by the adult cats.

Afraid that the situation will get worst, she wrote to us as a last resort of help as she was unable to raise the money for their sterilization to control the population.

After corresponding with this lady, we made a trip down to her place to better understand the situation. HRSS agree to help sterilize all the intact rabbits in hope that it’ll stop the breeding and improve the situation. It was arranged that a total of 8 bunnies will be sterilized (2 of them had already been sterilized earlier prior before HRSS was alerted). 4 of them were scheduled to be sterilized on 31 Jan 2007 and the other 4 will be scheduled to be sterilize in February.

Unfortunately, we received news that some of the female rabbits were pregnant again. 2 intact males broke out of their enclosure and created havoc before they were sterilized. A total of 15 baby rabbits were born. All adult rabbits had been sterilized as at now.

HRSS will need to sterilize and rehome all the rabbits (adults and babies) and we sincerely need your help and support.

If you would like to help us foster or adopt these lovely rabbits, please email us.

If you would like to donate towards the sterilization costs, please send a cheque to :

House Rabbit Society (Singapore)
Toa Payoh Central Post Office
PO Box 108
Singapore 913104

Please indicate ‘HRSS Special Appeal’ behind the cheque together with your address/ email so that we can send a receipt.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. On behalf of these rabbits, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks!

Our hearthfelt thanks to the following people who had donated generously to this appeal :

Ms Yau Shook Leng

Mr Fung Ho Man

Ms Loa Wing Fat Mary Dawn Peggy

Mr Kapil Sharma

Mdm Rose Ng

Ms Angela Tan

And to all the other donors who had supported us all these while. THANK YOU.


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