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In Loving memory of Tinsel
7 March 2009

Sadly, Tinsel had left us for the rainbow bridge on 5 Mar 2009. After her amputation operation in 7 Jan 2009, her wound didn't heal totally as well as we had hoped. It took a turn for the worst last weekend and she was brought to the vet for immediate treatment and put on antibiotics. Sadly, the antibiotics proved to be ineffective and Tinselís pus was already spreaded to her other organs and caused her health to deteriorate over the next few days. She finally chose to leave us after 82 days with us.

Tinsel would already be remembered as a strong fighter and weíre deeply saddened that we werenít able to shower her with the love and care she deserves after her ordeal prior to being rescued. She will be forever missed by everyone at HRSS.

Tinselís story can be read here : http://www.hrss.net/abt/rescue/rescue_ccottontails.html

P.S: HRSS would like to thank all supporters who had donated generously and keep up with Tinselís condition during this period of time.


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