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Update Update - Our Valiant Valentine
2 Augustl 2008

Sadly, Valentine passed on 1 Aug 08.

We miss you, Valentine.


20 April 2008

It has been 3 months since his rescue ans we are happy to share that Valentine is recovering well from his operation and is doing well at his foster home. We would like to thank the following people for their generous care, support & donations to Valentine:

Mr Sathi

Cheryl Eng

Lyann Yap

Ng Mui Ho

Yau Shook Leng

Estelle Tai

Delphine Goh

Nicole Chai

Miffy Maoz & Family

Ong Yin Yin

Ong Chye Wah

Angela Tan

Dr Grace Heng @ The Joyous Vet

And all the people which we might have missed out.

Thank you!

Our Valiant Valentine
14 January 2008

HRSS received an email from a concerned member of the public on 7 January 2008, requesting for our help.

An extract from his email read as follows;

"I am a resident living in MacPherson Estate, On 4th Jan 2008, I found 2 abandoned rabbits inside the lift. I decided to take them home and the pair is a black white and a brown. Apparently the brown rabbit had been either abused or been attacked by the black rabbit. Its back is severely wounded and the skin is exposed. Only recently i witnessed the black rabbit attacking the brown and it has caused bad bleeding. Can you PLEASE advice me whom i can turn for help?"

We gave him a call to learn more about the situation and arranged for one of our volunteers to pay him a visit soon after.
On 9th January, the rabbit, whom we named Valentine in hope that he will find a home where he will receive all the love he deserves, was picked up from the rescuer and sent to The Joyous Vet for immediate consultation. The injury Valentine sustained was much worse than our initial fears.

Valentine suffered from multiple abscesses and sores on his both feet. He also had an infected scrotum which needed to be removed urgently. The vet prepared us mentally that amputation might be necessary for the infected right foot pending a second consultation arranged for that same Saturday. We pray hard that he would get better for the next few days and an amputation will not be needed.

12 January> Valentine’s second visit to the vet didn’t bring us any good news. The infection on his right foot was so bad that he runs the risks of the infection spreading to other parts of his body. Faced with a dilemma, we opted for amputation in hopes that it will stop the infection from spreading. We are also optimistic that Valentine, judging to be a young rabbit, will be able to recover well from the surgery. Surgery is scheduled to take place on 16 January 2008.

Valentine, despite suffering from such a serious condition, was calm and sweet all the time when we picked him up and during his visit at the vet. Perhaps he knew that we were there to make him all better which is why he cooperated and appreciated having this second chance. We hope he will make a speedy recovery and he’ll definitely be receiving much love and TLC in his new found home.

We sincerely thank the rescuer, without whom Valentine would probably have met an early demise, for taking the effort and initiative to contact us immediately.

If you would like to contribute towards Valentine’s medical/care costs, please write a crossed cheque payable to House Rabbit Society (Singapore) and mail it to HRSS, Toa Payoh Central Post Office, PO Box 108, Singapore 913104.

Please also indicate at the back of the cheque “Valentine”.

P.S : Valentine, together with another rabbit, was found on 4th Jan around 1920hrs at Blk 37 Circuit Road where they were cruelly abandoned in a carton box and left inside the lift. Judging from the severe condition Valentine was in, we knew that he had suffered from abuse and neglect for a substantial period of time before he was abandoned. If you have any information relating to this abuse and abandonment case, please contact us so that we may investigate the matter and take the necessary actions against the culprit/s.

We sincerely thank Valentine’s rescuer for taking the effort and initiative to contact us immediately, without which, Valentine would have most definitely suffered a slow and painful death.

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