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In order to use these forums, each user is required to provide a username, password and an email address. Neither the administrators of these forums, nor the Moderators participating, are responsible for the privacy practices of any user. Remember that all information disclosed in these areas becomes public information. Therefore, please exercise caution when deciding to share any personal information. Any user who finds material posted by another user objectionable is encouraged to contact us via email at

These forums are only available to people of ages 13 years and over. In your use of these forums, you agree that you will not post any information which is vulgar, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, racial sensitive, or violates any laws. You also agree that you will not post any copyrighted material which is not owned by yourself or the owners of these forums.

This site may contain links to other web sites and files. We have no control over the content and cannot ensure it will not be offensive or objectionable. We will, however, remove links to material which we feel are inappropriate as soon we become aware of them.

We reserve the right to remove any messages or users from the forum for any reason that we feel constitutes a violation of our policies, whether stated, implied or not. Specifically, we do not allow any messages with the following intentions;

1. Advertise rabbits for sale
2. Pet shops which advertise their stores or products and services
3. Breeding purposes

If you feel that there is any category or forum you would like to add, please send an email to and we will be happy to comply.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here.

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